Wedding Party

“Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.”

—Albert Camus


Team Bride

Maid of Honor
Jodi is the sister of the bride. She is also the artist who created all the artwork seen on the wedding stationary and website. Jodi is a Freshman attending Clatsop Community College. Her goal is to earn an Oregon Transfer Degree during the next two years and then transfer to Oregon State University majoring in pre-veterinarian medicine. Her hobbies are animals, art, surfing, reading, and spending time with friends.
Friend of the bride and former OSU classmate. Lori and Monica first met in a GIS class during their Sophomore year at OSU. They became great friends as
Co-Captains of OSU's Concrete Canoe Team who lead the team to the National Competition for the first time in OSU history. Monica is also a graduate of the Civil Engineering Program at OSU and is currently pursuing a Masters Degree there as well.
Friend of the bride and also former OSU classmate. Lori and Yunji became great friends during their Junior year at OSU. The demanding courses in pro-school brought the two of them together through late night study sessions and group projects. Yunji is also a graduate of the Civil Engineering Program at OSU and is currently pursuing a PhD in Water Resources within the Civil Engineering field at OSU.
Chloe Belle Brenden
Bubble Girl
Chole is the daughter of Beau and Kelli Brenden who are friends of the groom.

Team Groom

Wes Padgett
Best Man
Michael and Wes have known each other for over 12 years. Wes is a professional tile layer by trade, but a hunter at heart. Michael met Wes when he joined the Astoria 4-H Archery Club. Being the leader of the club, Wes was a very knowledgeable archery instructor and mentored Michael during the club shoots and at each other's houses. Wes taught Michael everything he could about archery and archery hunting, which allowed Michael to kill his first deer. Wes is a very avid hunter and extremely great friend. Over the years, Wes has become a very close friend of Michaels and the Schumacher family.
Johnny is the brother of the groom. He is nearly 18 and attends Fox Valley Technical College in Wisconsin and is pursuing a two year certificate in robotics programming. Johnny shares some activity interests with his brother such as shooting sports, quad riding, cars, and motorcycles.
John Doyle
Michael met John while attending Clatsop Community College. John is also pursuing an engineering degree, but in civil engineering. John is a car enthusiast, like Michael, and the two enjoy talking a lot about cars and anything else that goes fast. Last summer, Michael and John took their cars to Woodburn Drag Strip for a fun day of racing. The two also went to Central Oregon over Spring Break last year to partake in Sage Rat shooting. During the school year, John and Michael discuss course subjects and keep each other motivated when things get tough.
Brody James Brenden
Ring Bearer
Brody is the son of Beau and Kelli Brenden who are friends of the groom.